Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Thanks Maa! Trust me, you have done a good job :)

In the nights of agony, you were my solace
Your comforting words Maa, led the flame burning!

All my fears, inhibitions disappear, the moment I think of you,
I know we all have to walk our own path,
but thanks Maa for being my torch-bearer

I know, my restlessness always worried you, still you never showed,
“Come on, you can do it”- this is what you roared.

You know Maa, my friends say that I am so tough,
They que up to take my advice and call me to solve their problems,

That very vulnerable and sensitive girl inside me peeps out and applauds-
and I can imagine your face brimming with pride & joy,
I chuckle to myself ‘Ah! What a transformation’!

You nurtured me with rich values and ethics,
You taught me to trust, when the whole world seemed despicable,

You taught me to be compassionate and to love,
I believe, this has really worked,

I can let go hard feelings so easily, and I can breathe...
I breathe to be free, I breathe to be at peace, I breathe to live my passion.

I am able to stand up for myself and for the things I feel is right,
Nothing can crumble my self-believe, nothing can deter my confidence,

I am no more brittle, nothing can break me down,
I breathe to aspire what I desire, I breathe for my “continuous evolution”
I promise Maa, I will always keep my conscience alive

See Maa, I am growing up and have grown up all these years,
I’ve captured my doubts, I have fought with my weaknesses,
I’ve followed my dreams and have explored into my strengths….

Really Maa, your cocooned caterpillar is slowly growing into a butterfly,
A butterfly with spread out wings and multiple colours of life.

Maa, now you can heave a sigh of relief, just sit back and see me flying….
Thanks Maa! Trust me, you have done a good job J

Kudos to you,
Love You,

Your baby J

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