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#LoveDiaries….Dear Husband, I am in awe of you J

#LoveDiaries….Dear Husband, I am in awe of you J

Dear Hubby,
Thank You! Thanks a lot for being the wind beneath my wings. As they say behind every successful man there is a woman but what if, I have a different story to narrate, what if, I say the unusual, what if, I say, behind my growth, my achievements and my inner fulfilment, is You, my beloved Husband. I can very proudly declare that I am among the very few incredibly lucky ones, who is blessed with a partner that appears to have walked straight out of a fairy-tale. In this era, we women are still struggling to find our feet, and working towards the goal of building a society where WE are respected, heard & given the parity we deserve and truly a Man like you who keeps his lady in the high pedestal, always re-affirm our hopes and beliefs. Your unconditional support in my “continuous evolution” has made my life so beautiful.

Like every other girl, I too had always dreamt of love ( actually I was very much in love with the idea of love), breath-taking appearance of a heroic character in my life, who will make my world go round, but when reality looms large, you are jolted with an awakening call. I won’t say that I stopped dreaming of my Mr.Right but yes, it was temporarily buried deep inside my heart. Time went by, my passion and my creative profession kept me busy. One day I was informed by my parents that now is the right time for me to get married and they have started looking for a groom. It appeared as if everything was happening so soon. I knew the final decision of marrying or not marrying someone will always be mine, but still I was paranoid about it. Adding more fuel to my fear, was the stories by my acquaintances, of how marriage is a compromise for girls, it’s an end to your freedom, and so on. I was scared, but whenever I looked at my father, and realised how wonderful husband he is, how loving father he is, my fear disappeared.

The universe has a strange way of connecting people, and I completely believe in the power of universe. So it happened, that finally "We met". Our parents played Cupid here, you came all over from Pune to Mumbai to meet me. I vividly remember the day, owing to huge traffic, I was an hour and a half hour to be precise. As you kept waiting on the food court of a mall, I was feeling helpless but you can do nothing with Mumbai traffic, suddenly my mobile beeped indicating a message has arrived and it was from you. A smile appeared on my face, the text read "Hi, are you following the same ancient tradition of keeping boys waiting...and btw there are 35 stalls, 88 girls, 108 boys, 78 senior citizens, 20 steps in each escalator and other details in some time...hope to c u soon". I was sure it was all made up numbers but you seemed "quite Interesting". As I approached you, ( all nervous and guilty of keeping you waiting so long) you got up from your seat and greeted me with a smile and I also sheepishly smiled back and said 'sorry' (see so courteous, isn't it?).

The conversation began, and I felt so comfortable talking to you, we spoke about our ambitions, our hopes, expectations, our childhood, our parents and above all what we wanted from LIFE. Ah! such a heartening conversation it was. You know, the moment you started talking about your parents specially about mummy I could see a shift in your persona from being a chirpy, talkative guy to an intense and composed one. I felt the corners of your eyes was glistening with tears, while you speak about your parents. I was able to connect with you instantly, as I was similarly devoted to my parents as you were. Eureka! the one who carries the same emotion, same sensitivity and same beliefs as that of mine has to be the One whom I choose. No doubts, no confusions, voices in my head were calm and clear now. However cliché or filmy it may sound, but I did had this very strong intuition, or may be a signal from the Almighty, that I should let you enter my Queendom. I believe the feeling was mutual, and we said yes! to each other.

Love can take you to places, I guess that is the only reason why a girl like me will leave her professional ground and move to a different city. Pune welcomed me with open arms, and so did you & my new family. After marriage, amidst all the chaos, guests, distant relatives, you always made me felt so comfortable and nothing seemed strange. You made everything so familiar and beautiful for me. The telepathy meter really worked overtime for us, you were omnipresent to assist me with any help, even before I had thought about it. This left me thinking how can you know it all. It can never be so simple, all that effort, your thoughtfulness and the deep concern you showed bewildered me. I was overwhelmed to realise that in such short span of time, we were so deeply attached to each other. Be it Love or arrange marriage, things are no different, if two compassionate individuals are involved, who are ready to work it out, no matter what. You know? much before you touched my life, you touched my soul!

It’s been one and a half years of our marriage & what a glory it has brought to my life. What an enriching journey it has been, both professionally and personally. I discovered a theory that you just cannot separate professional with personal. An individual who is happy & contended in his/her personal life can always achieve better. With you being my side, my power bank, I was ever ready to experiment, explore, take new challenges, and grow in the process. I remember for my early morning radio show, how you were awake much before than me, how you read my write-ups with that intent look, every stage show which I anchored, you were there, seated in the first row, looking at me with a childlike excitement. I always felt so glad when after every show you had that proud-of-you look on your face. You doubled my energy in no time. It always amazes me, that how after such a hectic schedule, you still managed to be with me for my programs. Your feedback has always acted so instrumental in bringing out the best in me.Your suggestions to write on various topics always induced me to ponder deeper and intense. Your presence not only helped me gain momentum in my professional life but I also started attaining a sense of inner-fulfilment.

The child inside me refuses to grow, and with you being around, it sprang up to be a lot more mischievous. Our state of happiness reaches another level, when we are on outings. Bungee jumping, swimming, rock-climbing, trekking, waterfall, and the list goes on, doing these activities together, gave an adrenaline rush that we will remember for lifetime. The best thing about memory is in making them and we have already created innumerable delightful memories together. Let me admit, these trips have made our bond really strong and acted as a catalyst in developing a trust that is incomparable. It’s funny and also so sweet of you that although you don’t like the idea of getting wet in rain, yet every time I step out to get soaked in rain water (me being the obsessive monsoon maniac) you are always there to accompany me, to hold my hands, to laugh with me, to cherish with me and simply, to be with me. Sometimes, love can make you do silly things, and you find divine pleasure in doing so, absolutely no complains.

Being a modern girl of 21st century, I have my own passions, dreams and ambition to follow and when you find a partner who sees you in the light of your shadow and accepts you the way you are, you have certainly hit a jackpot. What women want? even the biggest of intellects and sage have failed to answer this mysterious question, though Bible have thrown some light on it “Women want freedom…freedom to be themselves”. Yes, we want to be loved, respected and cared for what we are, and thank you dear hubby for creating an environment where I bloomed because I was accepted unconditional, I had the freedom to be just the way I am, with no censor cuts, no adulteration and no processing. I believe freedom is the only thing, which is worth fighting for and in my scenario, ‘IT’ was served with love. Your magical phrases keep playing in my ears, your promise “I will always love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow” soothes me. You set my spirit flow high, you are a stunner!

Your zest for life and philosophy surrounding it always amuses me and I feel so enlightened. I remember once when you introduced me to one of your friend and he said “Oh, so she is your, better half!” and you replied “No, she is my best half”, that moment was so profound for me and I was completely speechless. You casted a spell on me and the magic was bound to happen. I get lot of compliments because of my profession but when I see appreciation in your eyes and the reflection of my achievements in your light, I feel satiated. Whenever I close my eyes to make a wish, you cross your fingers to make it true. Now I can confess that all my nuptial worries, inhibitions, fear have vanished into thin air, just love, love, love alone prevails. No! marriage did not prove to be a compromise for me, it is a pure bliss for me.

Here, I feel jubilant about the fact that my life partner is also my best friend. My long buried dream did come alive. As the famous lyrics goes “ Tu hai hero mera” and a sheer replica of my father. I not only respect you because you are my husband but also for the kind of human being you are, so compassionate and loving. I don’t know if rebirth theory actually exists, but if it does, I would pray almighty to have your janam janam ka saath. And for this janam, I will keep painting the town red with you.

A loud shout out to mummy and papa for nurturing you with such high morals, ethics and values. Men like you, make the women in their life, feel precious and equal. In a silent rendezvous with my God, I always thank him for letting me know a man like you! Blessed! I wish, someday I raise a man like you! You are my mirror and I look beautiful!

Your Fan/ Your wife J                                                                                                               



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